Back in its heydays, Bandung earned the moniker ‘Parijs van Java’ (Paris of Java). Tree-lined boulevards and graceful colonial buildings hark back to Bandung’s previous grandeur. The city is surrounded by fertile highlands dotted by picturesque tea plantations and fruit orchards which also make excellent vantage points for outdoor sports enthusiasts. To many, Bandung is a shopping paradise filled with factory outlets and affordable designer goods, whilst for the smaller spenders, it’s a recreational city filled with dramatic landscapes and palatable offerings.

General Information
  • Name of Airport : Husein Sasteranegara Airport
  • Currency : IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)
  • Dialing Code : +62 22
  • Airport Tax : International and domestic
  • Temperature : 24 to 31° Celsius
  • Climate : Tropical with high humidity
  • Language : Bahasa Indonesia
  • Distance from Airport to City : 4.6km
  • Name of Airport : Husein Sasteranegara Airport
  • Name of Airport : Husein Sasteranegara Airport
  • SIOMAY : (steamed fi sh dumplings)
  • NASI TIMBEL : (rice steamed in banana leaf served with sambal, raw vegetables and fried chicken, tempe and tofu)
  • BATAGOR : (fried meat and tofu dumplings)
  • Dago Atas
  • Paris Van Java Mall
  • Jalan Gardujati
  • Jalan Braga